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Nebula Technologies Inc is a Service oriented IT company operating from Mississauga, fundamentally offering IT expertise to Small and Medium Business houses that require an IT infrastructure to be setup and run without manpower investment. Since its formation in 2000 the company has established a reputation for excellence in service, support and maintenance. Our basic philosophy is to supply the best customer service and do it consistently. We focus on our customer’s business by providing high quality solutions that meet the needs of today’s organizations for secure & manageable infrastructure.

Nebula Technologies Inc has a team of IT specialists to support your problem areas. Our main focus lies in integrating the customer's investment in computer hardware, software and automation equipment into total solutions so as to increase efficiency & reliability, reduce duplication and increase shared resources. Having interfaced with the industry for over 25 years, Customer Service, Customer Need and Customer Empathy is the Culture that is second nature to us. We strongly believe in the true Philosophy of "Quality". We only plan for long-term associations with our clients. Hence, to ensure Quality of our Products and Service to our Clients is our foremost concern. We believe that the Customer needs to focus on their core competencies for them to grow. Let our experts at Nebula Technologies Inc take care of one of your most vital business requirements of running your IT department while you grow your business.

At the Helm

Cyrus Kalwachia has been in the IT industry since 1989. Having worked in the industry from field service engineer to country service manager, has given him a unique perspective into the customer’s pulse. He uses this knowledge to build bridges with his customers that is built on structure, confidence and knowledge.

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