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BAU-Nebtech's solutions have empowered employers to improve their productivity and reduce costs. Service and Sales people can now connect to their company’s databases while on the road. We act as external experts to design, deploy and manage infrastructure projects in many areas. These include:

  • Operating System Upgrades

    The operating system is the most important software part of every computer, without which modern-day computer works cannot be thought of. There are three types of Operating Systems usually used by the present day computer users namely, Windows, Linux and Macintosh. To stay upgraded with the advanced software and facilities, every computer user should upgrade his/her respective Operating System on a regular basis. But, such upgrades involve several factors, which everyone needs to keep in mind. Blindly going in for an operating system upgrade without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of that Operating system will not always work for you.

    Here is where we come in. At BAU-Nebtech we study every new Operating System and gain as much possible knowledge about it as possible and after that if we feel the operating system will be perfect for your work, only then we will advise you to go in for it. Because, upgrading your Operating System to a newer version doesn’t only involve a cost, but it also precious time and effort.  Before you move to a newer version of Operating System we make sure your computer’s configuration is sufficient to run that.

    By upgrading your Operating System to the latest version enables you to use many latest applications. Your computer will function more efficiently.

  • Network Audits

    We conduct a computer network audit to:

    • Identify and establish a set of expected standards for the management and security of every network connected to the backbone
    • Examine the extent to which every network meets these standards
    • Provide an overall review of the consistency, quality, and reliability of the network management processes
    • Identify opportunities for improvement

    As we examine all available networks, we will ensure that a process exists to control software licenses and that we are able to communicate to you that only licensed software is installed. We will also examine the security of servers and workstations considering their physical & logical security, environmental controls and the operating system controls necessary to ensure the integrity of the server and clients.
  • Desktop Roll-Outs

    Working with the latest desktop software and hardware can improve a businesses productivity greatly. BAU-Nebtech can help with the migration from older, unsupported systems to the current  Dell Desktop PCs, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Office 2007 technologies. By using the latest imaging software, we are able to ensure consistent environments across a wide array of systems.

    BAU-Nebtech works with you to design the look and feel of your desktop environment, including business specific customisation, pre-installed software consistent to all users, and taking a snapshot of the machine for deploying to all machines.  By using these solutions we are enable ensure that all systems are installed and built to the same specification, reducing the deployment time of a PC from hours to minutes.

    By creating a standard image file for your business, any new systems that are brought in can be configured in an efficient and consistent with the rest of your company's desktop infrastructure.  In the event of machine failure, our team can deploy a new standard build back to the desktop in a matter of minutes, reducing downtime to the user and keeping productivity as high as possible.

    Our pre-delivery configuration service will also handle the exchange of DOA equipment removing the additional frustration from the deployment process. We are highly experienced in the service, repair and maintenance of computer systems.  Our repair service covers Personal Computers, Laptops, Printers, Tape Units and many other major peripherals.

  • Remote Access Solutions

    At BAU-Nebtech we can deliver network access safely and easily to a wide range of users, and devices.

    Our Secure Remote Access system is a comprehensive and versatile remote-access solution that supports the widest range of connectivity options, endpoints, and platforms to meet your organization's changing and diverse remote access needs. Our solution gives IT administrators a single point of control to assign granular access based on both user and device. It provides both full and controlled client-based network access to web-based applications and network resources for a highly secure, flexible remote access deployment.

    Some of the many benefits that will accrue to our clients are:

    • Web-based access without preinstalled desktop software which facilitates customized remote access based on user and security requirements and reduces desktop support costs
    • Threat-protected VPN access: This protects against viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers by integrating network and endpoint security and eliminates the need for additional security equipment and management infrastructure
    • Simple, flexible, cost-effective licensing since it requires a single license, no per-feature licenses to purchase or manage, starts with 10 users and scales as your needs change
    • Multiple VPN support from a single platform which supports both IP Security (IPSec) and SSL connectivity and also supports unified management of remote access and site-to-site VPN services to help reduce costs and management complexit

    From client VPN access to clientless VPN access for business partners and mobile employees, BAU-Nebtech can deliver the most comprehensive remote access solutions to meet the needs of today's distributed business. Our secure remote access solutions offer central management, reporting, and analysis under a unified management infrastructure across a diverse mix of business environments

  • Backup / Storage

    Maintaining ever Increasing data has become very critical and a major concern to organizations. At BAU-Nebtech we will recommend the right backup strategy as per your business requirements. Our reliable and advanced backup and restore service provides an enterprise - class solution to large and small companies that need to protect their critical data. We offer multiple options on backup depending on the criticality of data and the recovery time.

  • Disaster Recovery

    If a disaster strikes, will you be prepared? As organisations face such situations in growing numbers, they are realising the costly, far-reaching impacts of not having key capabilities readily deployed when emergency situations occur-impacts that affect your infrastructure, employees, customers, operations and day-to-day lives. Heightened exposure to disruptive and catastrophic events in recent years coupled with increasing government and commercial interdependencies make disaster recovery and crisis management a critical business imperative.

    BAU-Nebtech 's Disaster Recovery Services can help ease the negative effects by showing you how to prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptive events, from the minor to the catastrophic. With BAU-Nebtech's help you can better recover from events that could otherwise greatly damage your operations and brand reputation. We know what actions to take in the event of a disaster or how your organisation should deal with such a situation. We have the proper resources to do so. Wouldn't you rather dedicate your resources to managing normal business operations than preparing for contingencies?

    Planning for disaster requires global resources and industry-specific expertise. BAU-Nebtech's vast network, capabilities and years of experience speak for themselves. By helping to recover your infrastructure, keep critical employees online, and maintain open and effective communications across your organisation during a disruption, we can help you preserve your business operations-and your brand image.

  • Security Reviews / Solutions

    BAU-Nebtech provides recommendations and reviews for selecting the best software solutions for your business, we help you to find the product that’s best for you. We provide in-depth reviews, product comparisons, software-related articles and qualified links to purchase Software products. Our services combine Network Security and Vulnerability Scanning, Network Monitoring and Network Inventory, monitoring network computers for possible vulnerabilities, checking enterprise network for all potential methods that a hacker might use to attack it and create a report of potential problems that were found.

    BAU-Nebtech helps network administrators to identify security holes and flaws in their networked systems. Our program also includes firewall system, real-time network monitoring, packet filtering and analyzing which significantly reduces the total cost of network management in enterprise environments by enabling IT personnel and systems administrators gather a wide range of information from all the computers in the networkwithout installing server-side applications on these computers and create a report of potential problems that were found. 

  • Site Moves

    Each site move begins with a physical site audit - an SEI engineer visits your current and future sites to verify physical and power requirements, reviews the current and future location footprints, coordinates with professional transportation partners and addresses any additional needs.

    BAU-Nebtech offers comprehensive site move services throughout the United States and Canada.  We have the experience to provide  well executed site moves from start to finish. Some of the services included here are:

    • Proper Shutdown
    • Proper De-Installation 
    • Complete Shipping Preparation 
    • Installation at New Location 
    • Power Up
    • Resolution of Any Hardware Issues
    • Total Customer Satisfaction
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