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At BAU-Nebtech, these are some of the Support & Consultancy Services we offer round the clock:

  • Hardware and Software Supply & Support

    As part of our added value to our supported customers Tristar Support can supply you with most hardware and software requirements, such as servers, PC’s, laptops, networking equipment, and security products. We deal with a large range of companies and therefore differing requirements, meaning we can use this knowledge to ensure we quote and supply you with the right equipment.

    We can also provide advice as to the best products to purchase for you actual requirement, for example, analysing which laptop would be best suited for your need, whether that be battery life, weight or size requirements, or screen resolution.

    We do not insist that customers buy equipment from us, but would like to encourage customers to consult us before they purchase to avoid any compatibility or configuration problems. If you do decide to purchase you equipment independently, once you have received it simply call us to arrange installation.  In addition to being able to install almost any hardware or software package BAU-Nebtech can also install critical updates, downloads and security patches as well as remove pop-up, spyware, malware and install virus elimination software. 

    BAU-Nebtech can either provide a comprehensive outsourced off-site service or work with an existing IT department. The customer can choose what level of support he requires from server support on a case-by-case basis through to an all inclusive support agreement. Remote support options are available as are IT strategy and consultancy services.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    Maintaining your equipment along with regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance visits ensure reliability and extends the life of the instrument. Your equipment is a critical part of your business and downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect. Many of our customers believe it is worth the investment to ensure unlimited on-site repairs, first priority emergency service calls, insulation from part price increases and unlimited use of our Technical Support Center.

    Our contracts help save maintenance costs and reduce the breakdown time. All contract customers are given first priority for service.

  • Installation and Commissioning networks

    At BAU-Nebtech, we offer a comprehensive suite of Network Installation & Commissioning services that supports every phase of the deployment process. The offerings include Active as well as Passive Infrastructure services for Wireless and Wire Line domain.

    Our Network Installation & Commissioning services enable Customers to roll out their Wireless, Wire Line and Broadband Networks efficiently with a shorter time to market. By applying its global expertise and leveraging local resources, Envision assures its customers high quality and cost effective network rollout.

    We have a proven track record of timely and successful deployments that meet and exceed customer satisfaction levels. Our multi skilled technicians and professionals, combined with our mature processes and techniques, create turnkey solutions by managing, integrating, installing and testing the customer’s multi-vendor network.

  • IT Consultancy

    The fastest Growing industry with the latest advancements every day requires very specialized handling so that a firm can enjoy maximum benefit. IT is here to stay, grow and benefit the world in much more wider ways. We at BAU-Nebtech offer IT consultancy specializing in providing complete computing solutions for small to medium to large companies.

    Because we only employ people from the software support industry, we really understand the kind of problems companies face when they computerize. Whether you are just starting out, or upgrading your current system you'll find our service to be friendly, efficient and above all accurate.  We have a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations.  From requirement gathering to IT infastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Consulting Services

    Why nebtech bauit?

    We specialization in Risk Management and Compliance Consulting

    Cost Effective Solutions – In tough economic times when cost savings is a priority customers are assured of cost-effective solutions with superior quality

    Efficient turnaround time– We help clients meet their risk management objectives more efficiently by leveraging the experience of executing similar assignments across diversified industry verticals

    Our Proven Methodology

    Nebtech's Proven Methodology

    Services to address current Industry Challenges

    COVAS – Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning – A Vulnerability Assessment tool in a box with a web interface that can offer user friendly assessments at a low cost. COVAS will help achieve PCI, BASEL II Operational Risk, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance requirements.

    Access Governance – studying existing client applications to address issues around access to various portions of the application and integration of the same within the overall information and IT architecture. This will help clients comply with legislations as well as external audit findings. This can also serve as the foundation to extend into an Identity Management implementation.

    Integration of Physical and Logical security – All corporations have some form of physical access mechanisms within their offices, data centers and delivery centers. This will run in parallel and often in conflict with their logical access channels. We seek to automate and integrate physical access and synchronize the same with logical access.

    Compliance Convergence – Enabling clients to view their diverse compliance requirements through a common lens. This framework helps clients avoid repetition and duplication of work with regards to compliance with legislations in North American, European and Asian countries.

    We will be pleased to help meet your Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements using a risk based approach.

  • Networking Security

    Network security is a complicated subject, historically only tackled by well-trained and experienced experts. However, as networks become an integral part of everyone's lives, advanced network security technologies are being developed to protect data and preserve privacy, especially Internet privacy.

    At BAU-Nebtech we offer a variety of solutions that are available as both products and fully managed security services (MSSP). Whether you have a dedicated, in-house network team with the bandwidth and experience to manage your security processes, or whether you don't have the necessary network security capabilities in-house, you have to protect your assets and propriety data, keep your network available to staff, customers and business partners, and maintain compliance with prevailing policies and regulations. Our fully managed security services are the ideal solution, where for an affordable subscription, our team of security experts monitor and defend your network, responding to threats in real time.

    BAU-Nebtech gives you the flexibility to deploy comprehensive, world-class network security in a form optimized for your organization—as hardware, as software, as a virtualized instance, as managed security service, or as a blend—all from a single vendor.

  • Computer Audits

    Whatever the size of your operations, having a computer audit policy saves time, frustration and money. It’s a fact that although computers are robust they are subject to the same “wear and tear” as other electronic equipment. Furthermore and more important, computers are the nerve centre of Business operations. Business would cease to function without them!

    What could be more practical than having a computer audit policy that takes the guesswork out of key operational decision-making and the assurance of knowing that your company is not exposed to adverse operating risks?

    Your company will realize tremendous insight into your infrastructure with our accurate Computer Audit. A detailed software and hardware inventory can be electronically delivered directly to your end-users and/or Management team to assist in your technology decision making process and budget planning. Our Audit and Discovery technology can perform automatic and audits of your servers, workstations and remote computers. Flexible scheduling provides your assigned Network Administrator with complete control to automate the entire process.
    All data views may be user-defined and customized fields can be added to the existing system information. All reports can be saved using a variety of options and can be exported to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel. Furthermore, all reports can be scheduled for automatic distribution to multiple recipients within your organization. Our Audit and Discovery technology can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, this tool can be accessed by your support team from any location and does it not require special hardware or reconfiguration of any of your existing technical infrastructure.
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